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The Complete Commercial / Industrial KITCHEN SOLUTION

SH TRADERS specialize in providing complete Kitchen solution. All come with backup, Service, Warranty and Installation assistance.

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When you design a food service facility, the kitchen must be designed as an efficient, space-conserving productive space. When our kitchen designers begin your project, we work with you to define the concept, develop a menu and clarify your methods of production. We work with your architects, interior designers, and operations personnel to ensure that the flows of the food product and operations personnel are most efficient.

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment

We at S.H. Traders have more than just an understanding of the industrial market- it’s our core competency. Think of us your broker in the market! our product sourcing services enable customers to reduce the time and expense of finding, establishing and qualifying sources.

SH TRADERS has been successfully competing in the industry of Commercial Kitchens and Industrial Equipments over the time. We have vast experience in Industry and more than that just the understanding of the market.

SH TRADERS specialized in Industrial Supply based on sourcing logistic optimization service for many Industries. Our product knowledge has assisted our Customers in selecting the best equipment for their use which has improved their operations, saved time and Cost. S.H Traders is complementing our full line of Food Equipment.