SH Gas Fryer 2 Single Tank With Chip Dump

Size: L 36″ x W 30″ x H 36″

Imported high quality thermostat, temperature control between 93°C-205°C/200°F-400°F

Capacity per tank 12-14 Litre

Stainless steel structure, durable material, corrosion-resistant and easy to wash

Simple and reasonable structure, easy to manipulate and maintain

4 Heavy duty burners, with a stable flame, standby pilots, safety valve with automatic voltage stabilizing functions

Self-reset high temperature limiting device

Nickel plated baskets/including wire mesh crumb screen

Adjustable stainless steel legs/wheels

Oil cooling zone seated in the bottom of the tank, to avoid the influence of food residue

3/4 NPT rear gas connection and regulator

1 Basket per tank

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